We're on a Mission.

Freedom Models is what was missing. We are an LA based women’s fashion agency with a curator's eye for art and an artist's appreciation for beauty and originality. Committed to a higher standard of service to global and local markets alike, we're not afraid to color outside the lines and create a palette or path of our own. We are risk-takers, tastemakers and creative gluttons. We are recovering relapsing perfectionists, we love what we do, and want to share it with you, we are Freedom Models.

Our management style is tailored to each individual face and carried out with an emphasis on quality, strategy, longevity and collaborations that set us aside as newcomers.

Our mantra is simple: if you love what you do, you will undoubtably find those who love what they do. This passion, combined with our strong work ethic, and over 30 years of combined experience in both fashion and music has led us to develop some of the most promising talent in the business.

Being the epicenter of the arts, Los Angeles is a unique terrain of entertainment, housing some of the worlds most incredible talent. We welcome multi-faceted distinct new faces and women from all backgrounds and cultures, seeking out the very best career building opportunities. We are exceedingly dedicated to ensuring each girls' success through guidance, vision and purpose.

We are located in a beautiful nook of West Hollywood, Los Angeles, doors opened January 2015. 

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